I was born 1982, Finland. I’ve been drawing since I was a kid. I was very into traditional drawing and later oil painting. I went to a digital art school 2002 and graduated 2006. I went straight to work at a local TV-channel. I was an editor, but I also did lots of animations and some graphic designing. After 6 years of working there the channel was shut down. I did some freelancing and worked about 6 months in another TV-channel. I had a lot of free time while I was between jobs and that was the time when I really got into digital painting.

I’m currently working full time in advertising agency as a graphic designer. I also do some random freelancing. As much as I love to paint, I also love to do advertising material (print & digital), animation (2d & 3d), website designing and video editing. I also do little photographing, but I’m more into working with computers and softwares. I’ve been extremely lucky to do such a variety of work and I’m excited to see what’s coming next.