I’ve been inpsired by tropical imagery lately, so this piece came from somewhere there. I’ve had the words “tropical gothic” in my mind for some time now and I really want to see what’s that about. Can I find some imagery to fit that theme? And more importantly, do I want to paint something like that? I also kinda want to use more bold colors in the future, but I’m not quite there yet.


This is the first personal finished work for ages. It’s mainly because I’ve been struggling to find some time to paint since I started to use my free time to train for a marathon. Now the marathon is successfully done and I can suddenly do something else than run.


Sugar Coma


I had to do something completely different to get my brain to relax. Since it’s Easter and I’m eating like a pig, what could be more appropriate than drawing my interpretation about sugar coma. Ah, drawing those details really shut’s my brain down, it’s pure sugar. Before I finished this piece I ran 10,8 km, had a long shower and couple of glasses sparkling wine. My Easter holidays are now complete.

By the fire


I had a warm summer night in my mind when I started this. I love the moments when you’re outside and the sun has set, air smells fresh and time stands still. I didn’t try to get that mood in this piece, because it’s impossible to describe. But it was a thought that sparked the fire.



PS. I had a great opportunity to visit Japan just couple of weeks ago. It was very interesting place. Here’s a little video I made from the footage I shot there.

Red Dream


I was aiming for a kind of hazy bohemian mood and boy, did I just fell in love with these colors! But I had to be very careful not to over do it (I actually did couple of times, but thank god it’s digital and you can always go back).  I was also a bit intimidated by the long curly hair, but I wanted it and I think I did ok.

I was so glad to find these fabulous reference images by ArtReferenceSource I usually take photos of myself, but it’s a bit awkward. It’s also very time consuming since I don’t know how to pose and I hate to be in front of camera. And no, I haven’t learned anatomy THAT well to create this much detail from imagination. Finding a good stock gave me the opportunity to concentrate purely on the pleasure of painting.



I was inspired to draw something bohemian in the middle of boring daily routines. To raise my interest, I drew some bugs and abstract forms on paper. It was refreshing because I don’t pick up a traditional pen so often anymore. Eventually the bugs got lost from the painting (except one), but the abstract smoke thing survived.

I don’t like to give names to my paintings because I’m not a wordsmith.  It makes me feel like two-year-old putting some odd finger painting on top of everything. Yet I do it, because they’re my babies and babies needs names.


The Egg-lady

This is one of the few pieces that just wanted to happen. You let the pen sing, sit back and enjoy the show. It’s so rare and delicious. It makes me excited to watch this painting, since for me it’s like I had nothing to do with it, I just opened the door, said “welcome” and it came in. It’s so absurd that I can’t even get my mind around it.